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    O Pentágono admitiu ter financiado um programa secreto bilionário para investigar aparições de objetos voadores não identificados (óvnis).

    Pentagono - Ovnis

    O programa foi encerrado em 2012, de acordo com o Departamento de Defesa, mas o New York Times relatou que ele ainda está em execução. Os funcionários continuam a estudar incidentes apontados pelos membros do serviço militar dos Estados Unidos, em paralelo às suas atividades regulares no Pentágono.

    O chamado Programa de Identificação Avançada de Ameaças de Aviação operou de 2007 a 2012 e recebeu 12 milhões de dólares por ano de financiamento, escondido no gigantesco orçamento do Pentágono, disse o Times, citando participantes e registros do programa.

    O programa forneceu documentos que descrevem as aparições de aparatos voadores não identificados que pareciam se mover rapidamente, sem sinais visíveis de propulsão, ou sem meios aparentes de se erguer, afirmou o Times.

    Funcionários do programa também examinaram vídeos dos encontros de aeronaves militares americanas com objetos desconhecidos.

    Ovnis pentágono

    Um deles, divulgado em agosto, mostra um objeto oval branco do tamanho de um avião sendo seguido por dois jatos da Marinha de um porta-aviões da costa da Califórnia em 2004, acrescentou a reportagem.

    O Departamento de Defesa disse em nota que o programa foi encerrado.

    “O Programa de Identificação Avançada de Ameaças de Aviação foi concluído em 2012. Determinou-se que havia outra questões mais prioritárias que mereciam financiamento e foi com a melhor das intenções que o Departamento fez essa mudança”, afirmou.

    “O Departamento de Defesa leva muito a sério todas as ameaças e ameças em potencial ao nosso povo, nossos ativos e nossa missão, e toma ações quando qualquer informação verossímil aparece”.


    Número de postagens: 2462

    Dear Sir or WhoEver.

    Back in 1966, the 2nd to the last day of school, I had a CLOSE ENCOUNTER, something like OF THE 5TH KIND.

    At 8:00 pm, I prayed to Jesus and God, and I said, “Dear Jesus and God, I want to see your face.”  Then, I went to sleep.

    Suddenly, right at 10:00 pm, my mom’s part collie & part shepherd named Lassie suddenly was barking at something on the north side of our home, across the gravel road and she ran into those woods which belonged to our neighbor, Lloyd Watne and his family.  Then, suddenly, I heard Lassie barking and running back to our house, and something else was coming also.

    Then, suddenly, I was awakened, then, I saw Jesus Christ walking in through my north bedroom wall as where Lassie was also coming from, the north of our home.

    Jesus was wearing a bright white robe that makes a fabric noise while he was moving and walking in and right up to me.  He was barefoot.  He walked up right to me and he placed his right hand over my head for a minute.  I saw he face.  His hair is not like in the paintings, it’s more so and better and he is big boned.  He is the most handsomest man I have ever seen in my whole life.

    Then, he disappeare, just like that.

    Then, right at 3:00 am, my my mom’s dog, Lassie started up barking again.   She ran into the woods almost exactly just like before, barking all the way. Then, suddenly, I saw a black round ball with a bright glowing halo around it fly into my window and right through the window screen without damaging it making a hole in it.  Then, that black round object with the glowing halo around it flew into my left eye and stayed in there for a while and then, it flew right back out exactly where it came in.  Then, Lassie followed it back into the norh woods and she never came back for a long time.  Then, I recieved a message and a vision of my future.

    Then, something told me to get up out of bed and run to the window and look out  and I saw a very very bright amber UFO fly up into the sky and towards the Orion Galaxy.  And, the Orion Galaxy was in that part of the sky at that time of night.

    Then, I called out to my mom and she came running and I told her, I just saw Jesus and God and a UFO.

    She then, told me, she had a voice talking to her from the ceiling and that was just 2 days ago and he said, “YOU WILL HAVE A VISITOR FROM SPACE.  HE WILL BE AS OF MOTHER AND FATHER.”

    The vision is saw was that I saw my son, Tony Eychaner when he would be 10 years old, before he was ever thought of and I would name him, Anthony. Then, I saw me take the name, JUL, to my my daughter’s name, now, she changed her name to Simone Kristen Eychaner and I saw the name,  Eichner in a vision and  I saw as one of the Natz leaders who were in the Hells Angels bikers club. whose last name was Eichner as a relative to the Eychaner families and they wore the Maltese Cross.  The name Eichner would be a Natz name in which the Eychaner’s are related to Adolf Eichmann.  I got marred to a man with a last name Eychaner.  His mom and dad and brothers  and sister told me that The Eychaner families came from Natz Germany.  They lied to the president by saying they are tired of bombing USA by Adolf Eichmann’s control, but, really, they were working for the Secret Natz and to spy on USA’s behavior.  So, they had to change their name Eichmann to Eychaner to hide their true Natzism.


    In 1983, My daugher, Vyetta and I were resting before church.   All of a sudden were were transported to a place where there was a green haze and thosands upon thousands of orbs flying around in the green haze and my ears were ringing extra loud.  Then, suddenly, we both saw Jesus with his hands spread out saying to us, ‘THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL BE, YOU WILL BE WITH ME.”

    In 1975, and in the 80s, I was abducted  a number of times by the Natz Germans into their Ship and I saw Helmut Schmit holding my hand and he was wearing a white dress shirt and I floated out of the room floating on air, I didn’t have to walk.  Then, I saw German spies who were dressed in beigh dress suits following me everywhere I went.  While being in the ship, they told me to become a vegetarian and or a vegan. To keep the faith with Jesus Christ and with God.

    I also was abducted by a robot that did stuff to me.  I got pregnant.  The robot came into my home, INVISBLE.  It tried to stop my heard by jerking it for a few seconds because, ti did not like me to worship the USA Presidents, but to worship Christ and do what is right.  That same robot bright me of about 30 or more ORBS. I could do things with them around me and I saw them fly into me.  I could do telekinesis, like, make Mt. St. Helens erupt, and I did. I could create Hurricanes where there is crime. to rid peopel and this is what they taught me to do.    I could bring clouds down to me.  stuff like that.

    This is just a small example of my UFO abductions were. I had been abducted many times, even by the Grays Aliens in which were real nice  as ever to me.  I saw 2 Grays Aliens abduct me and did good things to me.  They were very good and nice.  I thought this would interest you, somewhat.

    I also saw a Great Milenko walk past me from left to right , then, it disappeared while I was mowing the yard singing STAR OF THE EAST and I was calling out for it to come to me.  Suddenly, a Great Milenko came and  he wore big black boots, and on his boots were horse bells that rang with each step he took.  He had large pointed ears, long black hair, vampire or snake like teeth, he had a Natz band on his arm and a black vest.    This was before I saw Jesus Christ and God. I heard German music playing with horse bells a song made on the Snow White Movie, Whoopma Loompa song that the dwarfs sang.    My dad nic named me Whoopa Loompa and called me that all the time.

    I am telling you the truth.  Sincerely Yours, Lynette




    Número de postagens: 2462

    Finalmente! :yahoo:

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